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Again and again, we saw the fascinating and beautiful pictures of the windmills of Mykonos and the unique volcanic landscape of Santorini.
We had already seen so much of the rest from Europe and so we flew in 1998, the first time to the Cyclades Islands, and we were really so much excited that we spent our holidays some summers more there.
We travelled mostly via Athens, where we made also a 3-day stop before we take the ferry boat to the islands.
Meanwhile, we visited another Island of the Cyclades too and Naxos belongs now also to our favourite island.



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Hier geht es zu Mykonos - bitte anklicken! Mykonos ***updated***
cosmopolitan paradise
  Hier geht es zu Naxos - bitte anklicken! Antiparos
small beautifull Island
Hier geht es zu Naxos - bitte anklicken!  Naxos
Island with great authenticity
  Hier geht es zu Athen - bitte anklicken! Athens
better than its reputation
Hier geht es zu Naxos - bitte anklicken! Paros
Island with special charme
  Hier geht es zu Naxos - bitte anklicken!  Kefalonia
green Island
Hier geht es zu Santorin - bitte anklicken! Santorini
spectacular vulcan island

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