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Laos, the ancient Kingdom of a Million Elephants, in the heart of the continental Southeast Asia belonged historically to a troubled region, and had to fight for many centuries against the expansionist ambitions of the neighbour countries.

Then in the early 19th Century, the French came and Laos became a part of French Indochina. From this time there are still many old weathered colonial villas, and everyone's favourite  the baguette, which is widely available at the markets, for us an absolutely extraordinary scene in Asia. Laos was also not spared from the Vietnam War, the United States dropped more bombs here, than during the entire 2. World War .

Even today large parts of the northeast is a prohibited area,  because there are still many landmines that are not yet disarmed.  Since 1975, Laos has a socialist-government, and nearly 15 years ago Laos opened the country for the tourism.

Despite the tumultuous history of Laos the country with its 6 million inhabitants,  could preserve its rich culture. Luang Prabang, with its many monasteries nominated in 1995 to the World Heritage .

But Laos has much more to offer.
On our trip from north to south, we saw a breathtaking nature. The riverside landscape along the Mekong River is unique, but always different. The Mekong is the lifeline of the country and according to much "life" takes place on and around the river.

Although there is a road network of almost 14,000 km, but 80% of it are mud and dust roads. Only the 1000 km long  Main Street (Nr. 13) from north to south, is covered with asphalt and is in passably well condition.

There is no Industry,  Laos is an agrarian country. Everywhere you can see cattle, goats, chickens, pigs and other animals running around.  But this is no problem, because the little traffic on the roads. Of course, there are may rice fields.

We were thrilled by the very friendly people, the rich culture,  the spectacular landscapes, the good food and not least for the relaxed atmosphere, which is very untypical for Southeast Asia. We enjoyed all thoroughly.

Travel description  13.03.2008 - 11.04.2008   


Flug - Weiterreise - Ort



13.03.08 - 14.03.08

flight with Thai Airways München - Bangkok

10 h


14.03.08 - 15.03.08



Royal Orchid Sheraton


flight with Thai-Airways  to Chiang Rai


Arimidt Guesthouse


Boat trip to Luang Prabang

10 h


16.03.2008 - 21.03.2008

Luang Prabang


Grand Hotel


drive to Vang Vieng

6 h

Elephant Crossing


drive to Vientiane

4 h


22.03.2008- 25.03.2008



Green Park Hotel


flight to Pakse



25.03.05 - 27.03.08



Pakse Hotel


by bus to 4000 islands

3 h


27.03.08 - 31.04.08

Don Khong


Senesothxeun Hotel


drive to Ubon Ratchathani

4 h

Tohsang City Hotel


flight to Phuket

1 + 1 h


01.04.08 - 08.04.2008



  Burasari Hotel


flight to Bangkok

1 h


08.04.08 - 10.04.2008



Royal Orchid Sheraton


flight to Frankfurt (23:45 Uhr)

11 h



flight to MUC

1 h


time-shift:  +6 h of Germany


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