Union of Myanmar


Burma, Birma, Myanmar, three different names for a country that you can travel quite good individually in the meantime.
We visited this fascinating land of the golden pagodas now a second
 time and were curious to see what has changed since our first visit in 2001. At that time it was a journey into the past, everything was still primitive and there were no western influences. This time it was very different, we wondered about large billboards, Internet cafes, department stores and the heavy traffic in the cities. Of course we were aware of the political situation, but we really wanted to visit again this wonderful country with its friendly and curious people.



All kinds of Info


The largest pagodas area of Southeast Asia


Pagodas, colonial architecture, city

Pyay 2001

One of the oldest cities in Myanmar

Bago and its environs

Pagodas, monasteries

Ngapali Beach
Fantastic beach
Golden Rock
Important place of pilgrimage in Burma

Faces of Myanmars


Inle Lake
Floating villages and gardens

Impressions of Myanmars

Comments on our journey


In the center of Burma Culture

Myanmar hotels
Subjective description

Mandalay and its environs

Mingun, Sagaing, Amarapura ...


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