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Floating Market of Amphawa

and train ride to Machalai


By a TV report and a tip in our travel forum we became aware of this trip and we wanted to do this during our next stop in Bangkok, because we had seen nearly all classic sightseeing’s in the city the last few years.

We took the train (just 60 km) to Machalai and then by taxi to the floating markets of Amphawa, but not to be confused with the floating tourist market of Dammnoen Saduak. It was a great experience!

Just to find the departure station on the Thonburi side was not easy, although it lies near the terminus of the Skytrain. But who guessed a railway station and tracks between houses and market stalls, but after asking some locals we reached the train just in time to left. We were the only long-nosed people on the train.

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The nearly 1-hour drive was totally entertaining, hard to believe that the train past the houses and huts in a centimetre distance of it, but really the best is the arrival or departure in Machalai. The train stops here right in the market and lots of stalls and carts are on or very close to the tracks. When a train arrives or departs all must be putting away or removed, just incredible!

Machalai is also the largest fish market, from here is Bangkok supplied with the seafood in all varieties. Already this first part of our tour was great!

Out of Machalai we took a taxi to the floating markets of Amphawa (about 1 hour drive). It is better to hire a taxi for several hours, to come back also, because down in Amphawa there is no possibility of returning or to hire a taxi there.


First, we took a 1-hour boat ride through the floating market and through its various channels. From the water you got already a very good insight into the commercial activities, all in all the trip was beautifully.

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Then we went by foot, on the bridges and blanks and it was very busy. You can order your food directly at the boats and eat them on the stairs and bridges. This floating food market is a popular destination for Thais, but it proceeds only on weekends (Fri.-Sun). We were very excited because we were really the only tourists here.





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This tour is really a great highlight, but you should have a little travel experience and a good sense of direction. Even at the departure station at the Thonburi, nobody speaks a word of English.


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