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Mae Hong Son is an idyllic province town at the border to Burma and is situated in the midst of beautiful, original, wooded landscape. Until a few years ago still the city lay in a peaceful deep sleep. With the building of an asphalted road came the end of the isolation. About half of the inhabitants in this region are members of the hill tribes, the other half are Shan people. We reached Mae Hong Son in a 9 hours, interesting drive from Chiang Mai.

Souvenier shop     street

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In the northwestern corner of Thailand is the Buddhism the main religion here, too. In contrast to the other parts in Thailand you donít see so much monks and not so much offering people, but you feel everywhere the deep religion. Also the architectural style of the Wats (monastery) here is quiet different, and remain more the Burmese as the Thai style. By strolling to the town we heard from a big ceremony (harvest festival) at the afternoon. Of course we were very glad about this event, because it was the really indescribable, colourful celebration, we had ever seen.



Wat Chong Klang     harvest festival


On our trip to Mae Hong Son we visited the Tham Lod stalactite cavern, an enormous nature experience. With Guide and gas lamp we explored the greatly caves. The trip with the bamboo raft on the underground river was more than impressing.  

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Tham Lod Cave     Tham Lod Cave


From a near Elephant camp we rode on the swinging back of an old, big elephant to one of the surrounding mountain villages.


Elefant camp     village

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The tourist attraction at all, here are the long necked women. We could not resist visiting the village of these women, although we knew about the problem of their life circumstances.


long neck woman     big ear whole woman


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All in all we spent here, very wonderful, eventfully and calm days. A trip to Mae Hong Son we can recommend every Thailand traveller.

Imperial Tara Mae Hong Son Hotel     Bourgonville



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