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view from Shrine of Remembrance to Melbourne


Melbourne, the grand old lady in the south of Australia with more than 3 million inhabitants is the second largest city of the continent and the capital of the Federal State Victoria.

We like Melbourne very much, because here is everything very British but not old fashioned.

The different architecture is very fascinating and for Europeans sometimes not understandable. Here it is no problem to put a modern Skyscraper complex beside old Victorian buildings or churches.

You can find any varieties of art everywhere in the city. Straight this it makes the charm of the city at the Yarra River .

The best, and in addition free of charge, Sightseeing tour is to go by the nostalgic streetcar. It is very nice to visit all famous places by this vehicle.



Flinders Station, railway station  Sightseeing - streetcar
Federation Square  modern art

Along the Yarra River there are many nice cafes and restaurants where you can watch the different street artists. A very relaxed atmosphere, everything here is very easy.


Riverbanks  Riverbanks

We visited Melbourne before Christmas and so we could admire the mad decorations in the department stores and streets. It was a little bit curios to see Christmas trees and other Christmas articles by the beautiful warm temperatures. For us was Christmas always connected with cold weather and snow. It was a very interesting contrast program.


Christmas shopping  Melbourne Museum

Much green, much water and much free space. In the innumerable maintained parks you can escape the city traffic and noises for many hours. Contrary to the parks in other countries everything here is lightning clean, no waste around the Barbeque places, all park banks are undamaged and not painted with Graffiti.


Park  Park

A very special kind of Sightseeing here in Melbourne is the “Golden Mile”, it bring you to all the important Places of interest. By walking the 4 km long way trough the city you follow 2200 brass plates which are let in in the sidewalks.


For relaxing after the strong sightseeing walk is the beach of St. Kilda the very best. You can reach this city beach in half an hour by the streetcar.


Golden Mile  St. Kilda

Also culinarily we can recommend Melbourne at its best. At the Queen Victoria Market you can find everything and every kind of Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Poultry a.s.o., what ever you like. In addition there are many good restaurants of all groups of immigrants, so you can choose what every you want.

Like in the rest of Australia we met here very friendly and helpful people. All Melbourians too, lives by the slogan “no worries mate" and you can feel it.



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