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Manaus was the starting point for our Amazon adventure. We had booked 3 days in the Acajatuba Jungle Lodge. Our trip by boat about 5 h with stop at the “meeting of the waters”, was boring. We thought it is very exciting to be on the Amazon, but nothing at all. The river with its big width reminded us to a big lake.

The Lodge was situated very beautiful. Bars led from the main house to the simple huts. Parrod
Parrots sat everywhere in the top of the trees and made a big cries

Acajatuba Jungle Lodge  Acajatuba Jungle Lodge

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Papagei But everything was damp and stuffy and a lot of "domestic animals" came in. Where we were? So much "adventures" was too much

But our first excursion by boat of the little river arms reconciled us again. 


We went by a small boat over a bloom-covered water surfaces, past individual villages, saw sloth and were witched of a breathtaking sunset. We did not participated at the nightly alligator hunt.

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village  indio

The two other days it was raining cats and dogs, and the planned trips could not be done. Bad luck for us, because we got no impression of the Jungle at all. Disappointed we went back.

amazon boat  Acajatuba Jungle Lodge

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But a memory we had, Erhard had 80 indefinable insect bites at his back those all unpleasantly itched. Every bite had to be creamed each evening. An unforgettable experience.


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