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The capital of the Federal State Amazon, is the commercial centre for the largest part of the Amazon area as well as free trade area. But the city is most famous for its "Teatro Amazon" which was built in 1896 as a copy of the Paris opera house. We had great luck, during our visit at the Opera there was the last test for the performance "La Traviata". It was a big event for us.


"Teatro Amazon"  "Teatro Amazon"

Today the city is an industrial city without any "Amazon romance". The free trade area determines the scenery in the town. The majority of the visitors are not interested by the nature and landscape but simply interested at shopping. Duty-free malls offer all kinds of electrical utensils, clocks, cameras, perfume etc. According to this, there are very long queues at the customs office at the airport. In the town there is nothing more to see as the Opera House, except shopping. Even the market halls could not fascinate us.

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market  market

We were happy to go back to our beautiful Hotel “Tropical Manaus” and jumped in the pool, after the big smoke and the heat in the town.

Hotel “Tropical Manaus”

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We stayed 2 days here before we started to our Jungle trip

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