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Tänzerin    Rio de Janeiro 

We received Rio, the dream city at the sugar loaf after 3-hour drive by car from Buzios. It was very hazy so that we could not see the most famous landmark. Our hotel, the Othon Palace was directly in front of the Copa Cabana. We had big luck and got a room in the upper floors, so that we had a free view of the beach and the sugar loaf

Copa Cabana, Beach  Copa Cabana, Beach

During our stay (8 days) we had enough time to visit all the famous places in the city. Of course we visited the classical objects of interest such as Cocovado and sugar loaf.  

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With the "Bondolino", an old tramway we visited the old part of the town “Santa Theresa”. In the evening we watched a Samba Show in the Plataforma.

Old rio, St. Theresa  Rio


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Of course we went to the beaches, but under the week and now in the autumn it was not very busy. At the Copa only Tourists and “lonely ladies”.

At Ipanema beach there were some Cairiocas (inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro), but very quiet too. Our favourite beach was The BARRA beach. We went there by public bus in ½ hr.

A big experience is, to spent a weekend at the beaches. Very much beautiful Cairiocas are there and everywhere is full live.

The view in the evening from the sugar loaf down to the city is very fascinating and spectacular.

  view from the sugar loaf  view from the sugar loaf

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  Copa Cabana by night    Tänzerin

Unfortunately we were very afraid, because several tourists whom we met told us the stories of tourist attacks. So we are still alarmed at all the time and felt not free during our stay at Rio. Also for short distances you have to take a taxi, because it is too dangerous to walk at the street at night.


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