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Aberdeen 1999 faecher

We reached Aberdeen by bus, along the beautiful south coast of HK Island. Aberdeen is very famous about its boatpeople. The tourist attraction of Repulse Bay is in the meantime the "dragon house with its big window" and not the beach.


A trip by Sampan in Aberdeen is an absolutev highlight. With these small nutshell boats you can visit the village of the boat people..

Aberdeen  Aberdeen  

The boat people live here under worst conditions, they don’t want to move into the skyscrapers which were built for them on the banks. It is a very exotic living here on the water. For us really impossible. Contrary to these poor conditions there are situated the famous floating restaurants, for up to 2500 persons.

Aberdeen  Aberdeen

  Aberdeen  Aberdeen  Aberdeen

But here are also many small kitchens, called “hawker stalls” with their various offer of seafood. But for us sometimes to exotic.

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