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Hue, called “the old emperor city” is really not so old. It was built in 1802 as the capital of the kingdom and after the model of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Today are the relics of this emperor residence in the citadel and the surrounding emperor tombs one of the touristiest attractions of Vietnam.

Unfortunately we stayed only 2 days in Hue and that was not enough time to visit all the many interesting buildings and tombs. In addition the weather was very wet, too. A very, very fine drizzle called “Mango-rain” was here all the day. You can nearly hardly see it, but feel it fast.

At the Trang Tien Bridge, which stretches itself over the perfume river, is always a dense traffic. We could see this in the best way from our beautiful hotel. In addition here under the bridge is also the departure point for the trip boats.

Hue   Hue, Morinhotel   Hue, Trang Tien Bridge

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A very unusual place here is the burial place of the emperor Khai Dingh (1916-1925). The grandiose reinforced concrete construction shows a synthesis from Vietnamese and European elements, even the faces of the stone-sculptures shows a mixture from Asiatic and European style.

Hue   Hue   Hue

The most majestic emperor tomb is the tomb of Minh Mang (1820-1840). The famous Buildings are surrounded by a beautiful garden and we were more than fascinated of it.

Hue, tomb of Minh Mang   Hue, tomb of Minh Mang

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The Thien Mu pagoda, situated on a hill over the perfume river, we arrived by boat. Already the boat trip there was a great experience for us. Very beautiful river banks, small fishing boats and whole families in their boats who took out the sand and gravel from the river.

This pagoda belongs to the most famous buildings of the country. In the meantime the 21 m high tower is the unofficial landmark Hues.

Hue, Thien Mu pagoda   Hue, Thien Mu pagoda   Hue, Thien Mu pagoda

Hue, perfume river

The citadel with the emperor city is the most well-known object of interest Hues. Here you could spend easily many hours. If you have luck, you can listen also to the explanations of travel guides who speak your language. We heard many different languages here.

But also here, as at many other buildings in Vietnam you can see big posters of Ho-Chi-Minh, he is nearly everywhere.

Hue, citadel   Hue, citadel

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