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Nha Trang with its 6 km long palmy city beach is also called the "Nice” of Vietnam and is the oldest seaside resort. For water sport fans an ideal place. Everywhere you can book Trips to the little outer Islands for snorkelling or diving.

With approx. 350.000 inhabitants not a small city. Here you can find big and high flats, broad roads and an intolerable, horrible traffic. Thousands of motorbikes are on the way. In the time as we were there, in whole Vietnam were celebrated the 30. Anniversary of release. Everywhere red flags and enormous Ho-Chi-Minh posters blew were hung up at the public buildings.

Nha Trang   Nha Trang   Nha Trang, Long Son-Pagoda

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Here is also the united Fishing fleet with nearly 10.000 boats and junks stationed, therefore there was a lot to see for us around the port. It is a very lively area, but the life runs relatively quiet and the people take always time for a break to playing cards.

Nha Trang   Nha Trang   Nha Trang

We spend here 5 days in the charming and very luxury Ana Mandara Resort, which full fill all your “dreams”. As contrast program to this relaxing way, we made some other things too, like snorkelling or Sightseeing.

The main tourist attraction, the Cham towers we visited by a guide. To book a Guide here in Vietnam is really no problem.

Nha Trang   Nha Trang, fumigating sticks   Nha Trang, Cham towers

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But the tour to the hinterland we have done by ourselves. We rent a bicycle at our resort and went on and it was a very great experience. It was harvest time at the rice fields and many people were working there. We came also along, goose crowds, large vegetable- and flowerbeds, fish farms and small hamlets. The People signed us mostly already from far, probable they had never seen 2 crazy Europeans, who drove by 35 degrees heat cross over the fields and small country-lanes. It was a big fun, not only for the Vietnamese people.

Nha Trang, rice harvest   Nha Trang, vegetable- and flowerbeds   Nha Trang

For relaxing we went then back again in our luxury resort.

Nha Trang, Ana Mandara Resort      

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