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Faces - humans


Beside the green rice terraces and beautiful temples also the many interesting and different faces were for us natural very good photo motives. Balinesian people were very happy to be photographed, if we smiled and asked.  It was always a special experience for us. Here a small selection.

Ubud  Ubud
Lovina  Jimbaran
Ubud  Pura Besakih,

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Pura Besakih,  Ubud
Ubud  Jimbaran
Jimbaran  Denpasar

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Denpasar  Pura Besakih,
Jimbaran  Figur

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Here a typical dialogue on Bali, between the Balinesian people and a tourist, which can be happen several times daily.

Whether on roads, places or in the hotel nearly everywhere you will be asked with the same friendly questions:


Balinesian: How are you?
Tourist: Thanks, I`m very fine
Balinesian: Where do you come from ?
Tourist: Germany
Balinesian: Which City ?
Tourist: Munich
Balinesian: Oh! Bayern Munich, Effenberg, Scholl, Champions League ....
Tourist: Yes
Balinesian: You are married ?
Tourist: Yes
Balinesian: Have you children?
Tourist: No
Balinesian: Oh, :-C
Balinesian: How long do you stay in Bali?
Tourist: 3 weeks
Balinesian: Is this your first trip to Bali ?
Tourist: Yes, it is
Balinesian: Do you like it?
Tourist: Oh, really, Bali is very beautiful!

approving nodding,


- Look in my shop, very cheap, or

- Have you A program for tomorrow? or

- Have you transport for today or tomorrow?

Tourist: No, thanks, oder Yes, we have
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This is usually the end of the dialogue, you look straight friendly and go away.

If you decide to go into the recommend Shop usually a nice discussion results over the above Dialogue.

The Balinesian people are extremely interested in strange cultures and take themselves much time to know all possible things from the tourists.

As an European you have a high reputation by the Balinesian people.




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