rice terrace  to the temple  Pura Besakih


B A l i



Bali or Pulau Dewata - The island of the Gods- like the Balinese people call their island, was always a dream destination for us, because everything what we heard about it was fascinating, strange and singular.

For us, Bali was a small tropical wonderland, full of Exotic and Mystic. All the magnificent temple celebrations, the colourful processions and the mysterious, graceful dances pulled us immediately into their spell. Also the landscape here is grandiose again and again, green rice terraces - the sky stairs of the Balinese Gods are different with the high volcanoes, tropical jungles and beautiful beaches. The underwater world with their multicoloured corral reefs is indescribable.

But at all we were inspired of the heartiness and joy of life of the Balinese people, because nowhere in the world we get our smile so often back again.

Selamat datang you are welcome - is here really not only a phrase.



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Sanur and Denpasar

Beach domicile in capital

Jimbaran Beach

most beautiful beach of Bali


Artist village

Ceremonie at the Jimbaranbeach

extraordinary, singular experience

Ubud environment

traditional handicraft and rice terraces

Temple, holy mountains

mystic Bali


black beaches and Dolphines

Faces of Bali

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