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The Kingdom of Cambodia with its ca. 13 million inhabitants is about half as large as Germany and lies in the centre of Southeast Asia. The natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage were clouded over in the past times in tragic way by the cruel rule of the Red Khmer. There are some regions in those millions of land mines from the Indochina war and Red Khmer are still lies. Nowhere we saw so many disabilities and mutilate people, who don’t get any money from the government and can often only survive by begging.

Unbelievable is the very great optimism and the determination with this people reconstruct their destroyed country. Visitors are everywhere welcome and in the meantime it is no problem travel around. Of course the best touristic facilities you can find in Siem Reap and the capital Phnom Penh.

But there are not only sunny sides, there are also shade sides, too! One of the biggest and worst shade sides is the child prostitution.

Cambodia attained a sad fame in the paedophile scene. Therefore you can see these sign in the whole country:

Wenn du in diesem Land ein Kind mißbrauchst, gehst du in Deinem Heimatland ins Gefängnis!!

We can only hope, that the child abuse would be strong pursued and this fight against child prostitution would be supported by the other Asiatic countries, too.

We came, like most other tourists also, because of the magnificent temples in Angkor, but we saw that in this country there are much more to see. We are sure that we will come again to discover the other parts of this beautiful country.

Travel 2011


Flug - Weiterreise - Ort



17.03.11 - 18.03.11

Flight with Emirates   München - Dubai - Bangkok

2 x 6 h


18.03.2011 - 27.03.11





trip to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

5 h


27.03.11 - 30.03.11

Phnom Penh


Interconti Hotel

30.03.11 -12.04.11


10 h


12.04.11 - 14.04.11



Radisson Hotel Dubai Greek


Flight to Muc

6,5 h


Travel 2005


Flug - Weiterreise - Ort



17.03.05 - 10.04.05





Flight to Saigon and Siem Reap (Cambodia)

1 h


10.04.05 - 13.04.05

Angkor Wat


Angkor Hotel


Flight to Bangkok

1 h


13.04..05 - 14.04.05



Plaza Athenee, Royal Meridien


Flight with Austrian Airlines Bangkok(23:30 Uhr) - Wien

10 h



Flight witht Austrian Airlines

Wien - München (MUC 07:50 Uhr)

1 h


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