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Siem Reap





Siem Reap is a peaceful city and also the touristic starting point for the visit of the temples of Angkor. There are numerous shops which offer high quality arts, crafts and souvenirs, which are manufactured in many small workshops around the city.    


Siem Reap  Siem Reap  Siem Reap

Siem Reap, crafts and souvenirs  Siem Reap, crafts and souvenirs


Meeting point and centre for native people and tourists is the bustling Psar Chas market, which inspired us with its great variety and atmosphere.

Siem Reap, market  Siem Reap, market   Siem Reap, market



Strolling and shopping here is very nice. Donít worry about the money, because the prices are very moderate and you can get and change your money everywhere. But there is no bank or money changing office as we knew, it is only a simple shop without any security. The money lies just in unsecured behind glass showcases. It was very unusual for us.

Siem Reap, market  Siem Reap, Bank 


For our trips to the temples we hired a driver and a German speaking guide by ourselves, for 3 days. But the favourite transport here is the motorbike-rickshaw. You can rent it also for few days or short tours.

We were very happy about our taxi with air-condition, because the outside temperature was nearly 40 degrees C and the roads were very dusty and bad.

Siem Reap  Siem Reap, Angkor Hotel  Siem Reap, our driver



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