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Manila, the capital of the Philippines is a union from 17 cities with 10 million inhabitants. Here is a multicoloured disorder from people and life-styles. Manila was the starting point to our journey to North-Luzon. The city was not very "exciting" for us.

Metro Manila  Jeepney

The scenery in the streets with its many fantastical decorated Jeepneys, were the best attraction of the city beside the quarter with the grilled Lechons.

grilled Lechons  public transport

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Other sightseeing points are the old part of the town, called "Intramuros", the Rizal park with the monument of the national hero Dr. Rizal, the Chinese cemetery a small city for itself and the military cemetery of the Americans.

"Intramuros"  "Intramuros"

 Chinese cemetery  military cemetery of the Americans

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The Manila hotel is a traditional, charming first class hotel with great, fantastical lobby and belongs for us to the most beautiful hotels of this world.

The Manila hotel, Lobby  


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The Manila Hotel

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