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Nordluzon     flower


The highland from North Luzon is famous for its steeply built rice terraces. We went there by car with private travel guide and driver, in this grandiose landscape, for 5 days. 

ash landscape  montain trail

From Manila, we drove through the oppressing ash landscape in the area of the Pinatubo to the northern city Baguio. It is a small city in the middle of vegetable plantation. To visit the market here is very exciting, because among other things also the forbidden dog meat is offered.

Baguio  market

On the Mountain Trail we went up in steep ride to the Mount DATA, the  highest point of the Philippines. We celebrated the New Years Eve in the Mt. DATA Lodge. We were the only guests here. In the night, the temperature was very very cold, about 0 C.

Mountain Trail  highest point of the Philippines

Pass Bontoc and Sagada, famous for the hanging coffins in this region, and small mountain villages, with traditional handicraft, we reached Banaue, in the middle of the beautiful rice terraces. 

Bontoc  hanging coffins

traditional handicraft  children

The ancestors of the Ifugao, with a refined irrigation system, built on these terraces before several thousand years. In the small villages we knew the traditional way of life of the native people.

 beautiful rice terraces.  rice terraces, farmer

Ifugao   beautiful rice terraces.

 Ifugao, child




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