Isaan, am Mekong Issan Isaan, am Mekong

The Isaan

  Northeast Thailand

The Isaan, the touristic unknown part in the northeast of Thailand was this time our new destination.
The area along the Mekong at the border to Laos and Cambodia did not visit yet many foreign tourists, only 4% come here.

 We like to belong to this and so we visit this this part. Some called it courageously, because it is missing here almost any toutistic infrastructure, and nearly nobody speaks English, but this was it what we want to see and we were not disappointed. It was a journey into a marvelous landscape with open, friendly people not affected yet by the tourism, and their leisurely way of life catched us immidiately.  

If you like to know an very different Thailand, you should visit the Isaan. We were enthusiastically from the country and the people and we are sure, that we will come here again to explore much more of the Isaan.



All kinds of information
Khon Kaen  
centre of commerce
Nakhon Phanom
calmly  province town
Khong Chiam
Meeting Mekong/Moonriver
Nong Khai
small border town to Laos
also referred to as Nakhon Ratchasima
Sarnelli House
Hope for HIV infected children

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