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Spain, beside Portugal, is the largest state of the Iberian Peninsula and accordingly different is its landscape. In the northeast the Pyrenees, borderline to France, in the northwest the Atlantic, then the Sierra Nevada with over 3000 m high mountains and last but not least the Balearic- and Canary Islands. This all makes this country so manifold and interesting.
But Spain is well known mainly for its round 800 km beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of tourists come here year by year in the main season.
Spain has also culturally a lot to offer. Andalucia, in the hot south, with the historical cities of Granada and Seville is an absolute must see. Or Madrid, the capital and residence of the king and seat of the government, Barcelona the most modern city in Spain are well worth seeing, too.



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29.09.1997 - 08.10.1997


13.10.2006 - 16.10.2006


September 1975, 3 weeks

14.07.2001 - 28.07.2001


27.03.2004 - 03.04.2004


25.09.2008 - 29.09.2008

Palma de Mallorca

16.06.1995 - 24.06.1995

15.09.2005 - 20.09.2005




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