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Many many years ago we visited Spain the first time. We travelled by car and tent and we did not think, that it became a kind of “Evergreen” for us. On and off we came back again.
Mallorca, Ibiza and Lanzarote, these islands are just magical but we always tried to go
off the beaten tracks. A scenic and cultural highlight for us was also Andalucia, the deep south. Here we saw the spanish way of living at its best.
Barcelona and Madrid, two great cities, very different, but both typically spanish.


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  Hier geht es zu Andalusien - bitte anklicken! Andalucia
deep south
Hier geht es zu Lanzarote - bitte anklicken! Lanzarote
spectacular Vulcan island
  Hier geht es zu Barcelona - bitte anklicken! Barcelona
modern city of art
Hier geht es zu Madrid - bitte anklicken! Madrid
royal city
  Hier geht es zu Ibiza - bitte anklicken! Ibiza
crazy holiday island
Hier geht es zu Palma de Mallorca - bitte anklicken! Palma de Mallorca
more than a holiday island



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